mmwi - MediaMonkey Web Interface

Free remote control web interface for your favorite media player
The MMWI MediaMonkey remote works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC, and MAC. All it needs is a web browser.

responsive media player remote control
  • Browse and search your MediaMonkey music library
  • Remote control your media player and host computer
  • Free web interface and companion Android app
  • Stream music directly to your browser

Strap-on responsiveness

mmwi fits your device regardless of size. It's made with Bootstrap 3 for maximum responsiveness.

WWW (Works With Windows)

I made the WWW-thing up just now. I'm a pretty funny guy :-) No, really.

Zero - zip - nothin'

It's free. Download and install for just zero easy payments of zero bucks.

Developer friendly

Open theme model let's you customize themes as you like.

Client Player

Bring your music anywhere. Stream files directly from your MediaMonkey library and listen to tunes on the run.

Based on user feedback

Your comments and requests matter. Providing feedback helps make the software better.