what is mmwi?

mmwi is short for 'MediaMonkey Web Interface' and is a (wait for it) web interface for MediaMonkey :-)

It's a program running parallel to MediaMonkey that allows you to remote control the media player from any modern browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and stock Android browsers.
It's a media player remote control.

mmwi lets you

  • control basic playback
    play/pause, next and previous song, and volume
  • control basic player options
    AutoDJ, Shuffle, Repeat and Equalizer
  • search and browse your entire MediaMonkey music library by
  • stream music directly to your browser side-by-side with MediaMonkey control
  • turn off your computer automatically using the sleep timer
  • password protect parts of the interface
  • customize themes

It is fast and works in a standard web browser.