Client Player

The Client Player is great. I know, I know...all of MMWI is.
But judging from user feedback the Client Player really is something.

In short it lets you browse the MediaMonkey library and pick songs to listen to.
But instead of controlling the MediaMonkey player on the host computer it streams the songs directly to your browser. This works on computer, tablets and smartphones alike.
So you can listen to your favorite heavy metal tracks in the office while your better half listens to Chopin in the living room.
Fancy, right?

If you're a bit geeky you can even set up port forwarding in the router can use the Client Player anywhere in the world where you can set service.
Opening up ports for this is a bit advanced, though, and you should take steps to prevent unwanted access to your local network.

Screen Clientplayer

The client player search feature available from the button with the looking glass icon is very similar to the advanced search page. Have a look.

Any songs you add to the client playlist are persisted in a cookie and automatically restored the next time you go to the client player.