You can translate the MMWI user interface into any language you like or modify existing translations if you feel something's a bit off.

Translation files are located in a separate folder in your MMWI installation folder: "\Themes\_localization".

By default MMWI ships with translations for English and Danish, my mother tongue of your's truly.
If you want to translate MMWI into a new language, you simply copy one of the existing localization files into a new one.
Then open it with your favorite text editor (which should be Notepad++ !) and start editing.

In the translation file you'd want to focus on the "Entries" XML node.
This node contains all of the translations for MMWI.

        Label for button on "Browse" page that toggle the letter that allow the user to jump back and forth through albums and artists
    <Value>Vis/skjul genveje</Value>

Description is simply for information. Most of the word and phrases in MMWI are generic terms, which should be self-explanatory. For others, like the one in the example, the description (hopeully) explains what the translations is all about.

Key is the value used internally in the theme files for querying the translation.
Unless you're developing a new custom theme you should not change this (!)

Value is where you edit. Change the text inside the Value tags to alter the text that is displayed in the MMWI web interface.