Very embarrassed about this.
I promised to fix the AutoPlaylist issue - and claimed to have done so - in version 1.2.
Something went wrong with the release though (as in: yours truly forgot to delete some conditions put in for testing purposes).
Hope you all can forgive this hiccup and enjoy this new version MMWI.

  • Change: tiny edit to the way the “running latest version eval” works.
  • Change: ‘more’ menu.
    Moved ‘playlists’ link to the top.
  • Fix: AutoPlaylists (still) didn’t work correctly. Fingers crossed….now it does.
    Even added a bit of performance enhancements when adding AutoPlaylists to Now Playing.
    Browsing AutoPlaylists, on the other hand, performs a lot worse than normal playlists. This is MM-specific behavior that, currently, cannot be changed.
    And still: AutoPlaylists are not supported for MM 3.x.

Download the free MediaMonkey remote here.